Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sky's the limit for Goss; Meyer just about makes it.

We sit here, hung over and tired, corrected. Goss didn't clinch the TDU overall victory after being beaten to the line for stage 6 by Sky's Ben Swift and Greg Henderson. This gave the title to Cameron Mayer by a 2 second margin, but Goss didn't finish off bare-backed, he still attained the sprinters jersey.

Congratulations to Cammy Meyer and his team for this first pro tour race victory of the season, and for also sacking Matt White for acting against team rules regarding sending riders to unapproved (by the team) doctors. The incident took place almost two years ago so we're not sure why it took so long for action to be taken now; we think there will be more to this story very soon.

The TDU produced Australian winners for each category with the greedy Meyer of Garmin getting both overall and young riders jerseys, Goss of HTC getting the sprinters points jersey and Luke Roberts of UNI SA taking the king of the mountains. Congratulations boys on giving us an exciting start to the season.

Special mentions to Cav for coming home last in the lanterne rougue position, no dummies were spat and he finished almost 34 minutes back. Maybe he only races for green jerseys? We don't think you'd like him when he's angry

Greipel didn't manage to retain his title, or even win a single stage. Were hoping here at Wagon towers he is just settling into his new team and his legs are still a bit rusty. Because if his sprinting form thus far is anything to go by, Cave still won't have much serious competition this season.

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