Thursday, 20 January 2011

Stage 3 - Cav plays Chicken and Griepel cant stop griping

Greipel failed yet again to prove to anyone he can win a sprint in a relatively minor tour (let alone a monument) after being beaten to the line by Rabobanks' Mike Mathews. "I am just upset because I couldn't do my sprint like I wanted to." whinged Herr Gripes. We too would be upset if we wanted to win something and couldnt (due to others being better). 

Goss goes back into the leaders horrible tangerine jersey after lousy support couldn't even swap out a flatted back wheel forcing him onto his spare bike with 10km to go. He came home 3rd.

Somehow Cavendish was unfortunate enough to not only have to race whilst battered from yesterdays troubles hurting his neandethalesque body, but he had cars to dodge too. Upon being asked about his potentially lethal experience and if he had to deal with cars and trucks et al he mumbled "Quite a bit yeah, you know, more than you want in a professional race I think." He thinks. Does he really? We here at the 'wagon think that during a professional road race there should never ever ever ever ever ever ever be any none race traffic anywhere near these highly strung athletes. Ever. Especially Cavendish: What happens if he tried to outsprint a car, did a tour de Suisse and caused another horrific pile up. Innocent car drivers could have been killed! Still, it might be better news coverage than watching the current Landis/Armstrong/etc carnage almost engulfing the periphery of mainstream media at the moment.

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