Saturday, 22 January 2011

Tour Down Under Catch Up...Bring on Stage 6!

Stage 4: Camerom Mayer may, er, win the tour, having taken the stage 4 as the 6 man break away managed keep the peloton behind them to the line."It's a little bit of a shock I guess to pull off a stage in the Tour, it's obviously renowned for the sprinters. It's a shock to have the jersey, but I'm thrilled", said Mayer. We think having to wear such an abominate item of clothing would shock us too.

Stage 5: Well well well. Cavendish is occupying the Lanterne Rouge spot again and we can only assume it is so he can expend some saved energy helping Goss win the race tomorrow. Before the race, the Tour Down Under was described as being pancake flat and suitable for the sprinters. Has Cav been having more cavity work done this season, or is it just his legs still coming out of hibernation? Hopefully the latter. We'd better not write him off just yet, like people did last season. We have faith 2011 will be his best yet. Lets just hope he is successful and gets tested positive for something, like a sparkling personality. That would make Cav the complete package.

Going into tomorrows final stage, a 90km race; 20 laps of a 4.5mk circuit, the race is perfectly poised for a thrilling finish. The top 6 riders are seperated by only 18 seconds, but our money is on Matt Goss. With the lead out train of HTC then winning the stage, and the race looks highly likely, especially given the 10 second bonus for winning and the intermediate bonus sprints will be highly important too. But we look forward to seeing how it goes. Hopefully this race is a sign of things to come this year, the racing has been excellent so far. But we suspect cycling will feature in the news much more prominently due to off the road investigations. Thanks Jeff.

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