Monday, 17 January 2011

Welcome, readers!

And so here we are, at last! The 2011 cycle racing season commences down under with a line up that some Americans, and a French sports daily, might call 'dope'. 

It has been reported that Greipel, wish some Pharma motivation injected into him might just get the Ochre jumper. Or should that be an Ogre jersey?

Lets hope that without any Contrador-Schleck smooching towards a drugs tainted mechano failure gifted race win a la 2010's Tdf, the Aussie tour is a bit more meaty with its racing. Even if meek Bertie wasn't suspended there isn't much chance we'd see him in the Hindmarsh Most Agressive rider jersey anyway.

It is a shame Lance is quitting the pro race circus circuit after Australia. Lets hope he goes out with a bang, and not a (test) failure. 
Being Brits, we won't hide our dislike of annoying mod wannabe tour failure tWiggo, or our love for the simple but very fast Chavendish.

First post over, if you're still here then lets hope you check back throughout the season. 

Let the racing commence!

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