Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stage 1 to Gossy Gossy Gander and bye bye Roid.

When, will I, will I be famous? Matt Goss can answer that with his legs. Very soon. Four wins in two weeks now for Cav's teammate, but where was Greipel? 4 Seconds back. A looong time at a sprint finish. Goss shouldn't have too many worries about being cold during tomorrows stage, he'll be wearing at least 3 jerseys the greedy devil.

How about those new Euskaltel helmets then? Very snazzy. When viewed from above, which will be mostly never, they reminded us of something Munch might paint. Have to say during todays break away how old fashioned the Euskaltel bikes looked too. Shallow dish rims, skinny tubing. Like being back in the 80's.

Best hair in the peloton? Obviously goes to Matty Perget. Such lavish, luscious flowing locks. Aaaaah. Now Pellizotti's cut his mane off this is the bonce to watch we reckon.


It seems Roid Landis has finally accepted he is hated by so many people that he can't find a job, and doesnt want to race anymore anyway. Boo hoo. His drug cheating was so bad he couldn't get into the now defunct pro-cycling rehab team that was Rock Racing. Bye bye.

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